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Overseas Service Agency S.A. was founded in Lima 1961 by a Dutch average agent. It started offering surveying and adjusting services to insurance interests outside Peru. By 1965 he was joined by another Dutch fellow and by Ronald Grant, an Englishman born in Liverpool, who after working with one of the largest shipping agencies, decided to accept a two-year working contract with Lloyd’s Agency Lima office in 1954, and stayed for 45 years.


There had been little P&I activity in Peru and what there was had been handled by Lloyd’s Agents, who held the appointment of Correspondents to several Clubs. However, it was realized by many Clubs that, if an alternative was available, it would be good to have a Correspondent not involved with cargo underwriters. Thus in 1966, Overseas Service Agency S.A., became West of England’s Peruvian P&I Correspondent, gradually being appointed by those Clubs not already committed. In the late 70’s it became a family group company; and by the 80’s it was Peruvian Correspondent to all P&I Clubs.


We at Overseas Service Agency want to exceed our client’s expectations by generating practical and effective solutions worldwide, through excellence and innovation.

Be leaders in the provision of services to the international maritime sector.

  • Integrity 
  • Honesty 
  • Loyalty 
  • Ethics 
  • We believe in equity and inclusion at the workplace.
  • Knowledge, investigation, creativity and innovation are the source of our know how since 1961.
  • Service is our motivation.

Our Team

General Manager

Sylvia Grant

With 40 years working as P&I correspondent, she has obtained extensive experience in the investigation and management of marine claims. She has a qualification in Insurance and Business Management. Having been appointed General Manager in 1993. 


Martin Grant

With 35 years in key positions in shipping and P&I. He graduated as a Commercial Aviator from the School of Civil Aviation and having a background in sciences, he learnt the internals of Shipping by managing what was the main ship agency at the northern port of Chimbote.

Attorney at Law

Mariela Urresti

She obtained her lawyer’s degree at the “Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru”. She made her pre-professional practices at OSA after which she left to work for the State. She returned to work in OSA 25 years ago.

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